Ash brunette Wavy VS Straight Hair texture :medium to coarse Natural

Ash brunette Wavy VS Straight Hair texture :medium to coarse Natural

To pick the right highlights, take into consideration your skin tone, hair type and your natural hair colour. So, when you pick highlights to work what you’ve already got, it is easy to get it right.

You’ve got gorgeous, silky tresses but it doesn’t make you glow. While nature always knows how to colour match, a little help from highlights can give your hair that extra oomph and enhance your looks. You start by taking a good, long look at yourself in the mirror. What type of hair do you have? Is it wavy, curly or fine? Now look at the colour. Is it brown, blonde, red or black? Once you assess your hair type, read on to find out which highlights look best on you.

Colour Match

There are different ways of applying hair colour on your hair. Your hair type often decides this along with the kind of look you are aiming for. Foil highlights, slicing, balayage and ribbons are a few techniques that come up when we talk highlights. Foil highlights is one of the common methods and uses foils, as the name suggests. This works best on fine hair as it gives more body. Balayage is hand painted and has a natural effect, and flatters wavy or curly hair. Slicing has less to do with hair type and more to do with the effect. It is very subtle.

Blondes can totally rock the blue ribbon highlights. They can also experiment with strawberry blonde and Brazilian blonde. The latter look involves streaking only the ends of hair, which mimics the natural process of bleaching one gets by being out in the sun. Brunettes, on the other hand, should play carefully with blonde highlights. Instead they can show off shades like caramel and copper beautifully. They are also not as harmful as going blonde, which requires the use of bleach and peroxide. If you are a red head, know that there are two types of red-warm and cool. Beige-blonde looks good on the cool reds and warm reds should go for copper. Black hair naturally belongs to the warm group and warm highlights are what works best on it. This includes certain shades of red, copper, beige and gold. For the adventurous black-haired Chicas, violet is a good option. Going blonde, which is the other extreme, can damage hair. Once you understand your hair, making it look better is easy and fun.