12 Popular Winter Nail Art Trends That You Need To Try ASAP

12 Popular Winter Nail Art Trends That You Need To Try ASAP


The cold weather season is literally here as the weather cools down thoroughly. It doesn’t mean that you have to reflect the gloomy winter weather’s colors to your style. Maybe it’s acceptable for the outfits but this year’s winter nail art trends no longer go full-on deep colors. Traditional symbols that bring winter to minds as snowflakes are mixed with modern and trendy textures nowadays. By modern and fashionable, I mean refined, shiny, and, as usual, flashy at the same time. We’re going to see pearls, animal prints, and glitters not only on clothes but they’re also be seen on nails this year. Yay! Fasten your seatbelts and be ready to be amazed by this winter season’s adorable winter nail art trends!

There are so many designs that you can do with stripes to your nails. Choose the minimalist style by using a single glittery line on a plain polish for every fingernail or exaggerate the lines by painting multiple lines on one fingernail. Either way, make sure that your nails look clean and flashy. Do not use too many elements by doing it to not going out of fashion. Glittery striped nail art will bring some joy in this winter.


If you’re looking for super chic nail art design for the winter season, you’re going to adore this one! Adorn your nails with shiny itty-bitty rhinestones over the plain polish which makes your nails look more stylish than ever. FYI: If you want to use rhinestones for every single fingernail, keep the polish as clean as it is. On the contrary, using a few rhinestones need more textures and designs such as ombre nails, french nails or geometric shapes. These elegant rhinestones nail art will make turn eyes on you every time you move your hands!